TABLE OF CONTENTS (Updated February 2018)

This page provides a list of all entries at and is intended to supplement the menus and search function. It also includes a list of topics for which I intend to provide entries.

Entries to February 2018 [showing date of last revision]

A. Background and general information. All these are shown in the menu at the top of screen. They will not change much except for the Table of Contents (this page) which I will update every time I add a post.
• Introduction to Placeness and Place (the home page) [Oct 2015]
• Table of Contents (this page) which is probably the quickest way to find topics
• A Place-related Autobiography (describes the places I have lived and how these might influence my interpretations of place) [Oct 2015]
• My Publications about Place [Sept 2017]
• Definitions of Place (summarizes a number of dictionary definitions plus quotes from\ major contributors to discussions of place) [Jan 2015]
• Place on Google: Results of a Search (summarises and provides links to place related websites listed in a Google search) [Oct 2015]

B. Index of posts on specific Place topics arranged alphabetically. Most recent posts are listed in the menu at side of screen.

• Ecology of Place (Feb 2017)
• Future of Places – notes on a conference [Sept 2016]
• Home and Place [June 2016]
• Islandia and  Love of Place (an account of Austin Tappan Wright’s utopian novel in which love of place is central theme) [Mar 2015, with short update Jan 2017)]
• Mobility and Place (a discussion stimulated by articles in Atlantic Monthly about whether Americans mostly stay put or are mobile) [Apr 2015]
• Non-Place/Placelessness Ideas [Jan 2016]
• Place Branding [December 2015]
• Place Cells and Sense of Place in Neuroscience [Oct 2015]
• Place, Time, Heritage, Temporality (April 2017, revised July 2017)
• Placemaking and the Production of Places: Origins [Jan 2016]
• Politics of Place (September 2017)
• Power of Place 1: Intrinsic Power (August 2017)
• Power of Place 2: Ascribed Political and Economic Power (August 2017)
• Pragmatic Sense of Place and the Future of Places (Jan 2017)
• Seeking Reality: a classification of approaches to studying place (March 2017)
• Sense of Place: An Overview (a review of different ideas about sense of place – global, poisoned, neurological, a mental faculty, etc) [Feb 2015]
• Spirit of Place/Genius Loci (observations about the diversity of approaches associated with these ideas, sacred and secular, in architecture and literature) [Mar 2015]
• Toponymy and Place Names [November 2015]
• Topophilia and Topophils [Halloween, 2015]
• Topophobia [November 2015]

• Writing about Place (March 2017)

C. Possible Proposed Future Entries
These are in no particular order and may change as I complete actual posts, but they do give an idea of my intentions.  There will be overlaps and some repetition.


An interior design and furniture store somewhere east of Toronto about 1985

  • major contributors to discussions about place
  • the experience of place
  • important books about place
  • pride of place
  • in place and out of place
  • displacement
  • body, self, place
  • borders and boundaries
  • betweeness of place
  • roots
  • dwelling
  • uprooting
  • art and place
  • authenticity
  • nostalgia
  • site and situation
  • sacred places
  • therapeutic/healhy places
  • territory
  • gender and place
  • locale
  • atopia, dystopia, polytopia
  • topology and topistics
  • global sense of place
  • time and place
  • emplacement and embedding
  • ghosts of place
  • throwntogetherness
  • scale and place
  • heteropia
  • deterritorialization
  • the production and destruction of place
  • architecture and built places
  • virtual place and cyberplaces