A note on getting back to Placeness after a long pause (June 2016)

DwellinPlace-webMy last entry to this website was about six months ago. Even though my intention is to make regular posts this has not happened because I had several unexpected requests to write stuff or do stuff (including a new preface for The Modern Urban Landscape to be published in a reprint by Johns Hopkins this fall,  papers on placelessness and the openness of place, a request to publish one of my maps of Islandia).  At one stage I seemed to be getting a request every two weeks or so.  And at the same time I became involved in planning issues in my local neighbourhood association just as the neighbourhood is being assailed by significant proposals (several big buildings of dubious merit, a network of protected bicycle lanes, a contentious no-barrier housing project close to a tent city for the homeless, a new neighbourhood plan, a possible sewage treatment plant).

Time for me to make entries to Placeness simply got pushed aside.

I now have no deadlines hanging over me,no outstanding obligations to write chapters or essays and no plans to write anything else for print publication. I have no outstanding invitations to give lectures anywhere. The neighbourhood and planning issues are becoming more manageable. I am, in fact, free of most previous encumbrances and obligations.

I now intend to return to my original aim to provide regular entries to Placeness. I begin the revival with a discussion of Home and Place.

June 2016